Pocket Newsletters & Blogs moved to a more open-source, privacy-focused platform Ghost 👻

Pocket Network published its first blog on Medium as far back as April 2018 and its first newsletter on Substack way back in February 2019.

A lot has happened since then, and we organically grew to over 650 subscribers in our newsletter. 650 sovereign-individuals, who share the same passion for decentralized infrastructure and a better web3 experience.

We continuously aim to improve our communication, but unfortunately have encountered various features in Substack that didn’t fit our communication style. One of which is the shadow banning of cryptocurrency-related (hyper)links...

That’s why we decided to move our newsletters, weekly recaps, and blogs to Ghost. It’s much more aligned with our values. 

Subscribers don’t have to do anything to remain subscribed to our newsletter. We’ve migrated over our email base and you should have received an email as usual for our latest relay recap already.

If you haven’t, please let us know, or re-subscribe to Pocket Network on Ghost at:


Unfortunately, Ghost does not allow for commenting. So, if you wish to comment to our newsletters - please join us on Discord or Telegram. We’d be happy to hear your feedback!

That said, thank you for your continued support and interest in our newsletters.

We’ll see you soon on Ghost and our social channels!

Interested in learning more about Pocket Network?

Check out our website at:


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