Pokt Network News - March 2019

Updates, News, and Sneak Peeks.

Developer Updates

1. Pocket Core MVP is right around the corner.

We welcome partners and qualified applicants to utilize Pocket Core MVP in a secure manner as we iterate towards test network, main network, and beyond.

This is a fantastic opportunity to request and receive blockchain relays, stress test the network, learn more and earn incentives for participating.

Pocket Core is all open source, here’s a link to the GitHub: Pocket-Core.

If you have any code related questions, use the tag “pokt” on Stack Overflow.

We will be launching a registration page by the end of March, and update the community through email and social media.

2. Developer Experience initiative.

Alongside PocketCore MVP release we intend to launch our developer portal that will include.

  • Client-side tutorials on wallet creation and management.

  • Proof of concept applications that showcase the stress-free nature of connecting an app to the blockchain with Pocket tools compared to time-consuming alternatives.

  • Professionally curated content from community contributors.

  • Video walkthroughs.

This portal will be iterated on over time to become fully complete along with community contributions.

3. AION grant success: Toolkits are available now!

AION announcement post: Pocket: New Mobile SDKs for AION.

Tutorials and Walkthrough videos: AION Tutorials.

Open-source Pocket AION plugins: Android | iOS.

4. Developer contributions streaming on Twitch.tv.

Pocket-core developer Irving Rivas leads by example with live streams of his hands-on contributions to Pocket Network’s open-source code.


Economics & Governance updates

1. Introducing Jack Laing, our new Governance researcher, and DAO manager.

Jack is the founder and author of OrgTech.io, a newsletter covering all things DAOs. Previously, he worked on Marketing & Business Development at Colony, and received a BA in Economics & Management at the University of Oxford, where he wrote a thesis analysing the nature of DAOs in relation to platforms and firms.

We have begun testing operations of the DAO through AragonOS on the Rinkeby testnet.

The final updates to the DAO charter are being implemented and the new document will be presented in our forum for feedback.


1. (Sneak Peek) Infrastructure partners for MVP release.

Quicknode, Protofire, and Nodesmith will join our MVP release to provide infrastructure for Ethereum and AION. Formal announcements will be coming soon. We are also in talks with many more.

2. Michael contributed a guest post to “Signals from the Void.”

3. AMA on AION reddit!

Pocket team leaders have fielded some questions from the AION community to begin the month of March, here: r/AionNetwork.

4. Portis.io official partnership announcement:


Behind the Scenes

  1. Pocket Core MVP America’s tour dates and locations being finalized.

  2. We have on-boarded multiple new key advisers, and plan to make a post soon.

  3. Fresh branding/messaging for Pocket- same principles, new horizons.

  4. Hackathon using Pocket SDKs coming to Tampa Bay this fall!

Get Involved

Chat with the team on Telegram - t.me/POKTnetwork

Discuss research topics on the forum - research.pokt.network

Follow up on Twitter - twitter.com/POKTnetwork

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