DIS Weekly #9

DIS Weekly covers developments in the space of decentralized infrastructure solutions.

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QuikNode | @QuikNode

QuikNode announced the release of their new user interface and payment methods. Now, users will be able to auto-pay for their node with a Credit Card on a subscription. QuikNode users also have the option to pay for their node with BTC, LTC, ETH, and USDC. 

QuikNode listened to feedback and has teased other features that are coming soon:

  1. Ability to launch multiple nodes under a single account

  2. Ability to launch nodes other than ETH networks

  3. Ability to create teams and invite team members

DAppNode | @DAppNode

DAppNode launched a newsletter called DAppNodeNOW to consolidate all of their updates in one place. For example, they announced that users can now turn on auto-updates for every package and turn off / reboot their DAppNode from the GUI. DAppNode also highlighted community packages such as Geth 1.9.3 Mainnet DNP and Pocket Core DNP

The Trinity Ethereum Client, an Ethereum Node written in Python, is expected to come to the DAppNode soon. 

Pocket Network | @POKTnetwork

POA Network partners with Pocket Network to integrate their decentralized node infrastructure into Nifty Wallet. Nifty users are now able to choose Pocket as their decentralized provider to relay requests across POA Core, xDAI chain, and Ethereum. 

In other news, mainnet development is in full swing and Tezos SDK integrations are nearing complete

//LAYER 2//

RSK | @RSKsmart

RSK, the first open-source smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network, partners with POA Network. This partnership has led to RSK Mainnet integrating into the POA Product Suite. RSK Mainnet is now accessible via BlockScout by POA and Nifty Wallet.

Raiden Network | @raiden_network

Raiden summarizes what their team has been up to in the last two months with Raiden Pulse #7. This episode includes development updates towards Alderaan, UX and UI news, coverage on hackathons, and much more. 

Celer Network | @CelerNetwork

The Celer team announced the release of two new games, developed by their partner TM games, on Celer X: Frog Jump and Rainbow Meow. At EthBoston, MinerAdventure, a project built by Irvin and Sean using the CelerX Gaming SDK, won their cGamer award


Abridged | @abridged_io

Abridged highlights the eight new apps which have integrated their pre-release SDK v1. The goals of their project include demonstrating intuitive UX, abstracted blockchain, and seamless developer experience. They’ve shown that in these DApps: Pillar Wallet, YoloRekt, MetaCartel DAO, Yang DAO, FranK, Protea, Web3 Summit Wallet, and Orochi DAO.  

Web3Connect | @Web3Connect

The Web3Connect team has reduced the bundle size of their new release v1.0.0-beta.20from 3.91 MB to 314 KB. That represents a 92% size decrease! Web3Connect is an SDK that makes it easier for developers to integrate wallets in their DApps with a nice UX / UI.  

AION Network | @Aion_Network

In collaboration with Web3 Labs, Aion has introduced Web3j Aion, an open source client-side Java API built for the Aion Virtual Machine (AVM). It’s publicly available in the Maven Central and jCenter repos. Web3j Aion adds to the existing Aion development stack, thereby completing the first full Java stack on blockchain. This makes the Aion Network even more accessible for developers. 

If you are a developer, check out the web3j Aion tutorial


Status | @ethstatus

In the Town Hall #42 recap, Status announced a security audit, by Trail of Bits, will begin on September 30th, which will last roughly three weeks. Also, A Keycard integration with Status as a hardware wallet is under development. 

Status has called off the Beta v0.14.0 due to the requirements for the 64-bit version of their Android app that led to a difficult bug. The current version of their Android app is unaffected, but this means that they can no longer release new Android beta versions. In the meantime, Status will release a hot fix for iOS with v0.13.2 that offers several in-app notifications and cues on how to prepare for v1

FIO | @joinFIO

FIO announced that their Address Presale is live. An individual can reserve a FIO address on a wallet domain or bid on a custom domain at addresses.fio.foundation

FIO has received funding to get their protocol to mainnet launch, which is expected to be in the first quarter of next year. They’ve raised $5.7 in a Series A funding round led by Binance Labs. The other crypto-investment firms that joined Binance Labs in this Series A round include Blockwall Capital, NGC Ventures, and LuneX Ventures

Portis | @Portis_io

Portis is making an appearance at Blockchain Week TLV! Their CEO Tom Teman and others will be discussing how they can make crypto mainstream at the D&DD Summit. They’re also hosting another Portis meetup called Ethereum: Building for the Masses on the 12th at the Microsoft Reactor in Tel Aviv. 

Developers have a chance to win a free ticket to DevCon 5 if they integrate Portis and the Gas Relay into their Dapp or project during the virtual Ethereal Blocks hackathon. 

Casa | @CasaHODL

Casa has made their SatsApp available to anyone, even those without a Casa Node. This is in line with their goal of making Sats App the easiest way to use Bitcoin. It’s a fully non-custodial wallet. Users control their private keys, which are stored in their phone’s secure enclave and backed up using Casa’s existing secure backup method. With the new Bitcoin key features in the Sats App, a user can create a new key or synch an existing one, send, and receive. Another great feature included in the new Sats App is called SatsTags. This allows users to easily send and receive both on-chain and off-chain. It works similarly to Cash App or Venmo. 


PoolTogether | @PoolTogether_

V2 of PoolTogether, a no-loss lottery, launched last week on September 4th. There’s a couple of differences from the previous version. Users will notice that the ticket price is now only 1 DAI, instead of 20 DAI, as well as, they’ll be able to withdraw their DAI whenever they need it and purchase tickets for the next prize at any time. Also, the DAI prize is awarded every 7 days. Previously, it was every 18 days. A great effort in UX, tickets are now automatically re-entered for every prize, so now PoolTogether users can let it ride! 

Pool DAI | @boredGenius

Zefram introduced Pool DAI. It’s a no-loss donation protocol that enables people to pool money together, lend it out, and donate the interest to a cause. Pool DAI is powered by Compound Kyber Network, Graph Protocol, Blocknative, and Maker DAO. It’s live on the Ethereum Mainnet. Pool DAI hasn’t been audited yet, so use it at your own risk. However, it only takes one click to create a no-loss fund for people and organizations. For example, Austin Griffith deposited 900 DAI into his “Austine Griffith Pool” that no-loss funds the Austin Griffith grant

TokenSets | @SetProtocol

ETH20SMACO tokenset is now 100% ETH. That means acquiring the Set is now the same process as wrapping ETH, so now exchange of crypto is needed. The 3rd rebalance settled for the ETH20SMACO set with $827k USDC auctioned for ETH at ~0.8% slippage. This resulted in 18% more ETH accumulated in each set for HOLDers. DeFi Pulse reported on the total ETH locked in Set Protocol skyrocketed by 382% due to Token Sets rebalancing


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