Pocket Network News - APR 2020

Updates, News, and Behind the Scenes

Developer Updates:

  1. The Pocket Core protocol has been upgraded to a newer version (RC-0.2.1) making the network as stable as ever. 

  2. Alongside the protocol update, the app solutions team rolled out enhancements and improvements to our Pocket-JS library, Web3 provider, and node deployment artifacts (Docker and Homebrew). 

  3. Pocket launched it’s incentivized testnet last week. We are looking for node operators and application developers to battle-test the network ahead of the mainnet release. Participants have an early opportunity to earn POKT, which could be used to subsidize their costs come mainnet. This means applications will have even more cost-effective infrastructure at their fingertips and node operators will have lower marginal costs for running nodes. 

Economics and Governance Updates:

  1. A new economics page has been pushed to the Pocket Network website, including an updated staking calculator that estimates the cost for developers and the potential revenue for node operators. 

  2. The foundation, which will act as an interface for the DAO, has been officially incorporated! This is a special ownerless foundation structure, with a constitution that requires the board to execute decisions made by the Pocket DAO. More details to come. 

  3. Work on the MVP design of the DAO continues. You can expect to hear more as we approach the launch of the mainnet! 

  4. Components, like a multi-sig feature and GOD Mode, for the minimal viable DAO will be released at the protocol level next engineering sprint.  


  1. We’ve sponsored two bounties (Best Pocket SDK Integration and Build a Multi-Chain Application with Pocket) in the Dragon Quest virtual hackathon by the MetaCartel! It’s a thirty-day online hackathon, so if you are a developer you still have the chance to build a project. Here’s a list of ideas we put together to help spur the brainstorming process for projects.  

Behind The Scenes:

  1. We are discussing and exploring different ways to further subsidize developer costs in order to keep them building and shipping, especially during these turbulent times.  

  2. We are preparing to add a community reputation layer to our Discord, Discourse, and Github via SourceCred. 

  3. We are working on walkthrough videos for node operators to make the onboarding process much easier. 

  4. We are collaborating with FL POLY to host an online hackathon so students can learn about and build on blockchain.  

Connect with Pocket: 

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