Pocket Network News - November 2019

Updates, News, and Sneak Peeks

Developer Updates:

1. We are happy to announce the release of our updated Whitepaper for the Pocket Core Architecture. This architecture was updated from the insights of Pocket Core MVP and includes aspects such as client-side validation, the merging of “Dispatch” and “Service” functions into a single Pocket Node as well as information regarding the POKT economics and governance.

Read the whitepaper Version 0.3.0 here.

2. After working through some blockers regarding two of the Tezos integrations(iOS and Android) the pull requests have been submitted and are waiting to be merged. Once they have been merged we will release the tutorials on our developer portal as well as posts and walkthrough videos shortly thereafter. The javascript SDK integration is pending a code refactor by the EzTz team.

3. Terminal.co has integrated with Pocket Network.

Terminal is a platform that makes developers’ lives easier. In the above-linked article, you can read more about Terminal and how to integrate the Pocket Provider with the Terminal SDK.

Economics and Governance Updates:

1. As previously mentioned, in the updated whitepaper that was recently released, there is an overview of POKT economics. We are nearing completion of the finalized formulas and are excited to share the numbers with everyone as we know this is a critical decision-making factor when assessing Pocket Network.

2. Pocket Network governance research is well underway, with an overview section in the whitepaper. We do want to bring to the fore a specific aspect of governance, moderation, that we have been working through carefully with the Aragon.one team. This collaboration leads to the creation of two Aragon Apps, “Tollgate” and “Approvals.”

Read more about on-chain moderation in this post “Moderating a DAO.”


1. ICON decentralization is now live, and the Pocket/Figment P-Rep is now at 25, dropping out the voting set after a network issue on the first day.

Read more about our experience, our plans here. If you believe in the value that this will add to the ICON ecosystem, then delegate with us!

2. Michael O’Rourke, Pocket Co-Founder presented “An Optimistic View of Decentralization” at TLV Blockchain Week.

3. Pol Lanski of DAppNode gave a big shout out to Pocket Network in his DevCon5 presentation “The End of FAANG” you can see the slides here.

4. The Arcadia Group joins Pocket Network! We are working with them on both infrastructure and integration fronts, as they are building support for a suite of blockchains, short and longtail.

5. Michael O’Rourke gave a presentation on Tezos at Blockspaces in Tampa Bay.

6. Luis C. De Lean presents at Microsofts DotNetDo event in the Dominican Republic.

7. Tom Howard, commits to switching over to Pocket Network for his project Mosendo in a response to complaints about Ethereum centralization.

8. Michael (again) sits down with Shahan to talk about Pocket Network, decentralization and more on “On with Shahan” podcast.

Behind the Scenes:

1. The only thing we want to mention today is that we are expanding our engineering team.

We are looking for great candidates to fit the role of DevOps Engineers, Solutions Architect, and Solutions Engineer.

If working with Pocket seems like a good fit for you, please send an email intro and CV to jobs@pokt.network.