Pocket Network News - September 2019

Updates, News and Sneak Peeks

Developer Updates:

  1. Mainnet Development is in full swing! On the current roadmap, Pocket Core is estimated to be code complete by the end of the year, and then public releases for both Testnet and Mainnet in the first half of 2020. More details will be released in the coming months but the team is working hard to ensure the highest quality release possible.

  2. The Tezos integrations are nearing completion, and will go live in the coming weeks along with their documentation and walkthrough videos. Tezos will be the 5th Blockchain added to Pocket Network, alongside Ethereum, POA, Aion, and Lightstreams.

Economics & Governance Updates:

  1. With Dr. Shivendu leading the economic modeling for Pocket Network, we expect to have finalized models in the next 6-8 weeks. After these models are formalized we will release the POKT Economic Paper to the public!

  2. We are preparing to release a blog post outlining the Pocket DAO along side the release of Aragon apps Tollgate and Approvals, in the coming weeks. At that point we will continue researching protocol governance process’ for the DAO as well as start to run some user testing with the team and extended community. We are planning to launch the DAO officially after the Mainnet release with full functionality.


  1. Icon P-rep voting is underway. Currently Pocket/Figment sits at 18 on the leaderboard out of 43 candidates. Progress can be tracked here.

  2. MyEtherWallet integration is live! Read more about the release here.

  3. Pocket CEO, Michael O’Rourke will be speaking at the Portis meetup in Tel Aviv this September.

  4. The Nifty Wallet integration in partnership with POA network and live! Read this post to learn more about the release.

  5. (Sneak Peek) Poketto.cash integration is complete and will be live within the week!

Behind The Scenes:

  1. Pocket seed round is progressing nicely and is expected to close out in the coming weeks!