DIS Weekly #10

DIS Weekly covers developments in the space of decentralized infrastructure solutions.

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Chainstack | @ChainStackHQ

Last week, Chainstack announced the release of v1.3 packed with a host of security, orchestration, UI, and protocol support upgrades. Outlined in their release notes, this includes: 

  • Authentication of Node API endpoints for a more secure developer environment

  • Bolt snap service for more regular sync of the full Ethereum ledger

  • Improved stability of Quorum protocol support

  • Menu bar notifications and activity log on deployment status

They’ve also shared an improved docs site, updated blog with a handful of new articles, and much more in their newsletter. 

DAppNode | @DAppNode

DappNode deployed a new version of the Bitcoin and VIPnode packages. Nodlers need to update those DNPs, unless they’ve already activated the auto-update feature in their plug n’ play hardware nodes. If so, it will update itself! 

Pocket / Figment | @POKTnetwork / @FigmentNetworks

Pocket made a big announcement in Episode 7 of the RHIZOME Report

The Pocket / Figment Networks P-Rep candidate announced the ICON Decentralized Infrastructure (ICON-DI) Airdrop Program to jumpstart Citizen Node adoption. Participants will receive an airdrop of POKT, a utility token being released in 2020 to monetize decentralized blockchain node infrastructure. It will also be the core reward of ICON-DI.  

Listen to the entire episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

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Loom Network | @LoomNetwork

Loom is preparing for the largest upgrade to their mainnet: PlasmaChain becoming Basechain, an interconnected multi-chain platform. Their goal is for developers to deploy their DApps only once to the Loom Basechain, where it would automatically get connected to every other major blockchain using any kind of wallet. In advance of Basechain, Loom will be onboarding more validators to make it more decentralized as well as provide more options for stakers to delegate their LOOM tokens. 

In other news, Loom will be supporting BUSD, a USD-backed stablecoin on Binance, and has made available a new CryptoZombies Libra course

Raiden Network | @raiden_network

The Raiden development team has continued to work towards their Alderaan milestone

For a feature preview of Raiden’s upcoming release, check out the “Next Stop Alderaan” presentation video made at DAPPCON 2019. 

Celer Network | @CelerNetwork

A new competitive eSport game in CelerX called Monster Ball has been added to it’s roster. Watch the trailer, then play it at celerx.app for a chance to win crypto prizes. Developers can also build on top of CelerX and monetize their HTML5 game by adding two lines of code

In the Celer Network 54th Weekly Project Progress Report, their team shared several mobile and back-end updates. 


Linkdrop | @LinkdropHQ

In the GECO community spotlight blog series, Linkdrop announced, in collaboration with Gnosis, that they’re developing a full meta-linkdrop implementation in order to extend lindrop functionality to the Gnosis Safe.

3Box | @3boxdb

3Box has introduced 3Box Followers, an open social graph. It’s the newest feature from 3Box, which allows Ethereum community members to curate a public list of profiles (ie addresses). These lists are directly stored in your 3Box, which is an open storage system built on IPFS and OrbitDB. This means developers can integrate “Followers” into their DApps via the 3Box SDK.  

Learn how to play, and get a 3Box social butterfly NFT in return for liberating your social graph.  


Poketto | @PokettoCash

The Poketto team announced a handful of things they have been diligently working on. First, an Android version of its mobile wallet will be released early this week. Second, they’re testing how to make onboarding a much more seamless experience. Last but not least, Poketto has been working on a point of sales project dubbed “Poketto POS”.

Alice | @HeyAliceApp

Alice has hinted, back in August, that they’re cooking up something super exciting. The suspense is too much! However, Twitter might be able to shed light on this situation. 

Their development team has participated in the distributed hackathon dHack. They submitted a project called VotezUp, which aims to increase DAO engagement with a social DAO mobile mini DApp using the “Super DApp” Alice. This goal would be accomplished by adding chat functionality and push notifications to a DAO to allow for proposal discussions as well as voting within the same simple mini-DApp. Now, DAOSTACK is collaborating with Alice to bring a mobile experience to their alchemy DAO portal. Mark Pereira sent a message from Alice to a Matrix / Riot chat room, then teased the community about other exciting things coming soon to Alice’s mini-DApp SDK. 

Astro | @Astro_Wallet 

There’s a new cat in town, the Astro Wallet. Astro touts that it is the first wallet that lets you do everything on Ethereum natively with good ol’ American dollars. Even if the DApp doesn’t accept USD, Astro lets you pay with USD. This reduces the friction of onboarding new users to the Web3 ecosystem. New users will essentially “skip the learning curve” and leapfrog into the decentralized world! 

The onboarding process is simple:

  1. Add A Debit / Credit Card

  2. Deposit Dollars

  3. Explore the Decentralized World

Astro was built with Centre and 0x. Sign up for early access at astrowallet.io


Staked | @Staked_US

Staked introduced the Robo-Advisor for Yield, a.k.a. RAY. It’s a set of smart contracts that automatically allocates crypto assets to the highest yielding-generating rates. From the start, RAY supports lending ETH, DAI, and USDC tokens on Compound, dYdX, and bZx. In due time, Robo-Advisor for Yield will support staking, the DAI savings rate, arbitrage opportunities, market-making, and other opportunities created by the community

Try it out at staked.us/v/robo-advisor-yield/terms.

PoolTogether | @PoolTogether_

A winner of the first no-loss lottery in PoolTogether V2 was declared! The pool had over 100,000 DAI, and it’s winner won 269 DAI! Are you going to participate in Pool Fridays? Join the next pool at pooltogether.us

If you have participated in PoolTogether, give them some feedback in this survey

TokenSets | @SetProtocol

Token Sets has introduced another trading strategy category Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) with its first set ETH12EMACO, which stands for the ETH 12 Day EMA Crossover. EMAs assign more weight and value to recent prices than SMAs. The ETH12EMACO set attempts to take advantage of short term price trends in order to accumulate ETH.

Mint the set at tokensets.com/set/eth12emaco!   

At this moment, developers have the opportunity to earn a 1000 DAI bounty for building a Set Protocol subgraph in the online Graph Protocol Hackathon. 

dYdX | @dydxprotocol

dYdX launched a native ETH-DAI market on their decentralized trading platform that supports both limit and market orders on Cross Margin, with Isolated Margin coming soon. This was their most requested feature, and they have delivered what their users wanted. There’s also now no fees for users! Beforehand, the ETH-DAI market only supported market orders and sourced liquidity from the Eth2Dai exchange.  

dYdX received 1 million in USDC, alongside Compound, as part of Coinbase recently announced first two investments through the USDC Bootstrap Fund. However, these aren’t like traditional investments. Coinbase believe that there isn’t enough liquidity in DeFi protocols, so they are providing a pool of USDC tokens. Counterparties still have to put up crypto collateral as well as pay an interest rate. 



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