DIS Weekly #11

DIS Weekly covers developments in the space of decentralized infrastructure solutions.

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DAppNode | @DAppNode

DAppNode is a plug n’ play full-node solution focusing on increased privacy and user control. Currently supporting Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Monero. 

DAppNode has added the ability to choose between Ethereum clients Parity or Geth as it’s core. With the new VIPnode package coming up, Nodlers are encouraged to turn on auto-updates. That way they don’t have to manually update their node themselves. This is a good practice for managing the health of a personal node operation.  

Also, DAppNode partnered with Trustlines Foundation, a protocol for mutual-trust networks.

Samourai / Nodl | @SamouraiWallet / @NODL_IT

Samourai DOJO is a self hosted bitcoin full-node server that automatically syncs and privately powers your Samourai Wallet. NODL is your personal bitcoin assistant.

The exclusive Samourai NODL is in production (click the link to see design mockups). It runs DOJO by default for plug n’ play sovereignty. Nodl Samourai will be the easiest way to run a full bitcoin node that natively powers the Samourai Wallet, Sentinel Watch Only, and Whirlpool CoinJoin apps. And sales are opening soon! 

Pocket / Figment | @POKTnetwork / @FigmentNetworks

Pocket is a trustless API layer, providing easy access to any blockchain. Figment Networks is an institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure and staking provider. 

After gaining clarity from conversations with the ICON community (and receiving a stamp of approval from Min Ho Kim), the Pocket / Figment P-Rep added a new component to the ICON-DI Airdrop Program: A race to 500 nodes! It’s first come, first serve. So, join the ICON-DI Airdrop Program to ensure your spot. 

Terminal plans to add support for Pocket Network in the coming months in order to make it easier for developers to leverage the benefits of truly decentralized node infrastructure. 


Linkdrop | @LinkdropHQ

Linkdrop enables Web3 marketing campaigns to onboard everyday users. 

Linkdrop has introduced to Wallet-Widget! It’s like Intercom but for the Web3 world. Built during the IDEO and Coinlist hackathon, the white label wallet-widget works directly in the browser. It doesn’t require users to install a chrome extension nor download a mobile app. This represents a solution to a pain point within the onboarding process (ie installing extra software) for non-crypto natives. Together with Linkdrop Web3 Marketing Campaigns, they believe this killer combo will offer DApps powerful tools to attract and retain mainstream users. For example, imagine being able to play the no-loss lottery PoolTogether in just a few clicks

Wallet-Widget features include white labeling for customizable DApp integrations, meta-transactions for UX improvements, use of Google Drive for non-custodial recovery, and an ENS login for DApps interoperability. It only takes a few lines of code to integrate into a DApp. 

Watch their magical crypto onboarding moment, then try out the demo yourself!

Terminal | @terminaldotco

Terminal is a Web3 developer platform for building, testing, and monitoring decentralized applications. 

Terminal launched the Github of Web3! It’s a plug n’ play developer platform for building, testing, and monitoring DApps. On Terminal, every Ethereum artifact and piece of infrastructure is treated as a composable and reusable building block (since they are open-source by design). DApp developers may choose to make any artifacts or infra public. By doing so, this developer platform will help increase collaboration and composability within the Web3 ecosystem. 

These are the v1 features of the Terminal platform:

  • Smart contracts

  • Ganache Recipes 

  • Custom APIs, Webhooks, and Databases

  • Migration and Testing Scripts

  • Networks 

  • Logs

  • GitHub Repos, NPM Packets, Docker Images, and YAML Files

Over the next few months, they’ll be releasing additional features. Check out their documentation to get started. 

Blockade Games | @NeonDistrictRPG

Blockade Games is a next-gen video game development company led by Marguerite deCourcelle, AKA @coin_artist

Blockade Games, the creators of Neon District, have released a blockchain game developer platform! They’re providing developers with the tools needed to build mainstream games but with blockchain ingredients. It’s being described as the Heroku for blockchain games, especially since users would have instant access to all their games and applications with one login. 

Developer platform services include:

  • Real-time blockchain state API

  • Create, deploy, and manage game asset contracts

  • Metadata deployment and hosting on IPFS

  • Cross-chain asset transfer support

  • Game asset & pre-sale contracts support

  • Blockade games single-sign on

  • User wallet signature SDK

  • Real-time statistics and analysis

  • Test Drive on test networks

Their goal is to make it so that players don’t realize they’re playing a blockchain game. Blockade abstracts away blockchain in the right places, for both gamers and developers. 


MyEtherWallet | @myetherwallet

MEW is a free, client-side interface for users to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. 

MyEtherWallet has released MEW version 5.1.4. This fixed bugs like those found in generating the mnemonic phrase and the utf timeout for bitbox on windows. MEW announced they are taking VintageMEW offline on October 25th. It was kept around to help users transition to the new interface MEW5. Make sure to make the switch before then. 

Gnosis Safe | @GnosisSafe

Gnosis Safe is an open source, non-custodial smart contract wallet. 

Gnosis Safe is adding support for ERC1155 tokens and fallback function in their next update. Soon, users will be able to sign and verify transaction with the Keycard by Status. They’re also looking for a dedicated team to build an interface for the Gnosis Safe gas station. Speaking about teams, Gnosis has been working hard on creating a secure way to manage crypto-funds collectively. Those interested in testing out Gnosis for Teams can sign up for early access

If you haven’t tried the Gnosis Safe yet, check out their walkthrough. They’ll even fund your wallet’s creation, just DM them on Twitter! 

AlphaWallet | @AlphaWallet

AlphaWallet is a mobile Ethereum wallet, and creator of TokenScript. 

AlphaWallet has raised $1.2M in a pre-series A round led by HashKey, Fenbushi, and LongHash! They’ve also announced that a new feature “claim free DAI, DeFi, and ETH tokens” coming soon to their mobile wallet. 


PoolTogether | @PoolTogether_

PoolTogether is a no-loss DAI lottery built on Ethereum. 

PoolTogether has rolled out a new update! They’ve integrated with the most popular wallets. This includes Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask Mobile, WalletConnect, Gnosis Safe, Portis, and Squarelink. 

Last week’s pool had over 125,000 DAI. That represented a 25% growth over the previous week. When do you think PoolTogether is going to hit PowerBall levels? 

TokenSets | @SetProtocol

Set is a protocol that bundles crypto-assets into tokenized baskets, which are programmed to automatically restructure based on trading logic. 

TokenSets has introduced a second Exponential Moving Average (EMA) set on their platform: ETH26EMACO. The ETH26MACO set automatically triggers rebalances between ETH and USDC when the price of ETH crosses above or below the 26 day EMA. 

Check out Ryan Sean Adam’s guide on “How to hire a money robot from Set” to help you choose a set or set of sets!

Kickback | @wearekickback

Kickback is an Ethereum-based event management service with staking requirements. 

Just in time for DevCon5, Kickback has added support for DAI. Now, users have the option to stake DAI instead of ETH. This has been a highly coveted feature integration for quite some time. By putting some skin in the game, event organizers can expect higher event turnout. Even more so, when attendees realize that they share in the losses of flakers. For example, everyone that attended the DAI Breakfast Club received .0263 DAI just for attending

The first official meetup hosting a Kickback event with DAI is the #DAISUKI meetup


Aragon | @AragonProject

Aragon is a platform that enables the quick deployment of global, bureaucracy-free futuristic organizations, companies, and communities. 

Aragon announced their biggest release to date: Aragon 0.8 Camino! The Aragon client now features more templates to meet your organization’s needs, with even more templates coming soon. There are three new templates: Company, Membership, and Reputation. All templates include the option to install the Aragon Agent app, which gives organizations the ability to interact with any other Ethereum app, like ENS or Compound. 

Another much requested feature integrated into this release was email notifications. Members of an organization will have the opportunity to subscribe to email notifications in order to stay up to date with important events, like voting. This is a great step towards improving DAO participation. Aragon also revamped the Permissions app!

So much care has been given to this new iteration of Aragon. It’s benefited a lot from aragonDS, the Aragon design system. Experience it by building an organization on mainnet or testnet!

DeversiFi | @deversifi

Previously EthFinex, DeversiFi is a decentralized exchange getting ready to birth a DAO. 

Built upon the DAOstack infrastructure, NecDAO will serve as the main hub of future decision making for Nectar 2.0 and DeversiFi, a decentralized exchange (DEX). This makes DeversiFi the second DEX to be managed by a DAO, the first being DutchX with the dxDAO. Over the course of 18 months, 50% of all trading fees were pledged to the Nectar smart-contract in ETH. It now holds over 17,000 ETH (~ $3.7m USD), which would be used to fuel the NecDAO. 

NecDAO is still under development, but should be set to launch in the next couple of months. Holders of NEC will own the initial reputation in the DAO, and it’s completely up to them on how to put that massive ETH fund to use. This DAO practices weighted-voting, with longer lock periods equaling more voting power. 

OPOLIS | @opolis

Opolis is a next generation employment ecosystem for the self-sovereign worker. 

Opolis announced that they’ve received a development grant from MakerDAO to bring DAI payment integrations to their employment commons ecosystem. This will allow Opolis’ members to:

  • Stake health insurance deposits, other elected benefits and DEO (Decentralized Employment Organizations) membership in DAI

  • Elect to be paid in DAI or a percentage of DAI

  • Have automated tax compliance completed for $USD, DAI, or other cryptocurrency payments

  • Pay for benefits and services including healthcare, retirement, social causes, and more with DAI


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