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Samourai / Nodl | @SamouraiWallet / @NODL_IT

Samourai DOJO is a self-hosted bitcoin full-node server that automatically syncs and privately powers your Samourai Wallet. NODL is your personal bitcoin assistant. 

Pre-orders are officially live for the NODL Samourai edition, with shipping planned for the end of Q4 2019. The early bird signed editions of NODL Samourai sold out less than 24 hours

The NODL Samourai edition costs $849.00. Although the costs may seem high, prosumers would be buying a premium piece of hardware (with top-notch software) that enables the most secure, private way to transact in Bitcoin. With the NODL Samourai, you’ll get:

The price point is justified. Plus, it looks super cool. 

Don’t feel like shelling out that kind of dough? Follow along this Twitter thread to learn how you can run DOJO on your own hardware, even on a Raspberry Pi 4

Casa Node | @CasaHODL

A fast, simple plug n’ play solution to run a Bitcoin and Lightning Node. 

Casa announced that Casa Node 2 is available for pre-orders, across every paid Casa membership. If you buy before November 1, you could lock in the $300 a year “gold” membership price as long as your subscription stays active. 

The Casa Node 2 specs include:

They are also running a recycling and donation program

DAppNode | @DAppNode

DAppNode is a plug n’ play full-node solution focusing on increased privacy and user control. Currently supporting Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Monero. 

DAppNode released a new DAppManager update.

Nodlers should be aware that even if they activated “Auto-Updates”, they’ll still need to update a package, while connected to their DAppNode, by manually clicking:


Infura | @Infura_io

Infura is an API suite that provides access over HTTPS and WebSockets to the Ethereum and IPFS networks.  

Microsoft Blockchain has updated the Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum, which includes more integration with Open Zeppelin and Infura.

In other words, Infura’s now natively supported in Visual Studio (VS) Code. This means that developers can easily access and send requests to their Infura projects on any of their supported networks, without even having to leave the VS Code interface. 

Chainstack | @ChainStackHQ

The Control Panel for Blockchains. Chainstack is a multi-cloud, multi-protocol Platform as a Service. 

Chainstack announced that they’re making unlimited access to shared Ethereum nodes free, without throttling or rate-limiting.  

Gifting instant, unlimited, reliable access to Ethereum infrastructure is one way to earn the trust of the Web3 community. This is an interesting move, especially after Infura released its premium Ethereum API subscription service, Infura + in July. 

Infura still has a free tier, now known as the Core tier, but it’s capped at 100,000 requests per day. A notable difference between the two, Chainstack provides unlimited requests to Ethereum networks (via shared nodes) for free regardless of subscription tier. 

Nomadic Labs | @LabosNomades

Nomadic Labs is an R&D team focused on distributed, decentralized, and formally-verified software. They primarily contribute to the development of the Tezos.

Nomadic Labs has accomplished a tremendous feat with its release of a new version of the mainnet-staging branch. This update significantly reduces storage space, from 200 GB to 40 GB, for an archive node on Tezos. 

Pocket / Figment | @POKTnetwork / @FigmentNetworks

Pocket is a trustless API layer, providing easy access to any blockchain. Figment Networks is an institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure and staking provider.

The Pocket x Figment P-Rep Candidate is currently sitting at number 14 on ICON Tracker. At the current trajectory, they’re on track to be approved as a P-Rep and begin contributing to the ICON network ecosystem through tooling and infrastructure. To learn more about what this duo is bringing to ICON, watch this video:

And don’t forget about the race to 500 nodes!


Linkdrop | @LinkdropHQ

Linkdrop enables Web3 marketing campaigns to onboard everyday users. 

The Linkdrop team won the Ethereum Protocol Prize at the IDEO and CoinList hackathon with their white label Wallet-Widget. Congrats! 

They’ve been working closely with their first alpha partners to integrate wallet-widget.

For example, xDAIchain has been linkdropping xDAI to test their DAI to xDAI token bridge

They’ve also worked with Unlock, a protocol for memberships. Unlock used Linkdrop to provide an easy, simple mechanism for any lock creator to droplink keys to their most loyal and engaged fans

3Box | @3boxdb

APIs for identity, profiles, storage, messaging, and comments. 

3Box won a DevCon V UX award for their comments plugin. Congratulations! 

Ethereum Name Service | @ensdomains

ENS is the Ethereum Name Service, a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

ENS is launching multi-coin support from more than eight wallets! For more information, check out these “State of the ENS” slides from DevCon V. 

OpenSea has resumed bidding on the ENS short name auctions and extended paused auctions until after October 15th. 

Protocol Labs, in collaboration with the Ethereum Name Service, has announced EthDNS. It enables ENS named IPFS hosted sites on mainstream browsers by leveraging traditional DNS and DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS). 


MetaMask | @metamask_io

Metamask is a Web3 bridge that allows users to run Ethereum DApps in your browser without running a full Ethereum node. Also, now available on mobile. 

Metamask re-invents the notion of DApps by introducing a new kind of Web3 wallet at DevCon V called Snaps: The Metamask Plugin System. 

According to their introductory blog post, a MetaMask plugin is a script loaded over a verified and permissionless protocol like ENS, IPFS, or Swarm. By default, scripts have zero privilege but will be able to request a variety of powerful wallet APIs from Metamask.

In the spirit of composability, they’re making their APIs granular. Not only will plugins be able to build on each other, but they also will be able to operate with little knowledge of what’s going on and without the need for excessive permissions typical of legacy browser extensions. 

What kind of plugin possibilities can you imagine? You can earn a Foxy Kudos by replying with a plug-in idea in this tweet

Argent | @argentHQ

Argent is an easy-to-use, mobile, smart wallet for Ethereum apps and tokens. 

Argent has teased that their team is gearing up to deliver “DeFi” on the Android version of their wallet. Today, they’ve announced that Compound is now available on the Android version of Argent.

Skip the line, and test it out! 


TokenSets | @SetProtocol

Set is a protocol that bundles crypto-assets into tokenized baskets that are programmed to automatically restructure based on trading logic. 

Set Labs has released its first version of the new Set Protocol Rebalancing Dashboard. This enables anyone to participate in Set rebalances, which are some of the largest on-chain liquidity events on Ethereum. 

EnableCredit | @EnableCredit

Enable provides peer-to-peer stablecoin loans, built on Ethereum and DAI, democratizing access to finance and education through Income Share Agreements (ISAs).

Enable announced that their first ISA loan is now live on mainnet. It was built using Ethereum, DAI, and Open Law smart contract agreements

Ines is raising 60,000 DAI in exchange for a 6 year 18% income share to go to Cornell.

Visit ines.fund to learn more and invest in her education. 

PoolTogether | @PoolTogether_

PoolTogether is a no-loss DAI lottery built on Ethereum. 

PoolTogether recently pushed a visual refresh on their app page. They’ve also launched a help center, with video tutorials in multiple languages. 

Metamask is featuring PoolTogether in the “earn crypto” collection on its native mobile application. 


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