DIS Weekly #15

DIS Weekly covers developments in the space of decentralized infrastructure solutions.

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Akash | @Akashnet_

The Serverless Supercloud. Akash’s network enables a permissionless, open, and secure marketplace for unused compute cycles. 

Akash has significantly upgraded its testnet. They invite people to join their testnet, and provide feedback. 

Register at akash.network/signup! What do you plan on deploying to Akash?

Storj Labs | @StorjProject

Storj is a decentralized cloud storage protocol that enables individuals and organizations to host a node to earn passive revenue stream from unused disk space. Storj Cloud Storage is now called Tardigrade. 

Storj Labs announced that node operators can now run a Storage Node on Windows Home (and other editions) by using their native Windows installer

They’ve also recently announced a Storj IPFS integration that allows users to upload files to the Storj network with the IPFS protocol

Github confirmed that they have banned developers in Iran, Crimea, Cuba, North Korea, and Syria from accessing private repos. It is the largest store of open source code in the world, akin to a digital version of a public common. Unfortunately, GitHub is prone to single points of failure and censorship. Therefore, Storj has taken it upon itself to decentralize GitHub by backing up and archiving hundreds of thousands of repositories in its decentralized cloud storage Tardigrade. 


3Box | @3boxdb

APIs for identity, profiles, storage, messaging, and comments. 

3Box has done it again! They’ve introduced the new 3Box Ghost Threads API

It’s a scalable, performant, in-memory messaging framework perfect for building decentralized chatrooms, trollboxes, disappearing messages, and direct messages

Ghost messages are not stored and persisted in an OrbitDB database. They only exist ephemerally in peer memory, like ancient oral history. The message history continues as long as one user remains online. However, if all peers simultaneously go offline, the message history will be lost forever.  

Wyre | @SendWyre

Wyre is an API for providing fiat on/off ramps in crypto-applications. 

Last week, the Wyre team announced version two of its widget API. V2’s a fresh, lightweight build using React. Developers will find that it only takes a few minutes to easily integrate into their application. 

This upgrade enables both Apply Pay and Google Pay, which abstracts away KYC / AML by leveraging the information already provided by those two services.  

See how easy it is to go from zero to crypto in less than 20 seconds!

In other news, Linkdrop plans to integrate Wyre v2 into their Linkdrop Widget for even easier on-ramping. 

Torus | @TorusLabs

Torus provides frictionless social logins for decentralized applications. 

Torus has expanded options for login authenticators with the release of its latest version. Users will now be able to login with Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, or Discord accounts to begin interacting with DApps. This simplifies the onboarding process for DApps, and developers can integrate this seamless login process with a Javascript tag or by installing an NPM package. 

Another added benefit of integrating Torus is the name resolver. That enables users to transfer ETH and ERC20 tokens to traditional Gmail accounts and usernames (Reddit ID and Discord ID), as well as, any ethereum address. This gives users something that they are already familiar with. 

If you are curious, test out their live wallet at app.tor.us


Alice | @HeyAliceApp

The WeChat of the Web3 World. It’s a SuperD/app that houses all your favorite applications, even non-crypto like duck duck go, as mini-dapps

ConsenSys recently announced its second wave of grantees to receive funding. One of the recipients being Alice

They’re also looking for a React Native developer to join their team and work on building mini-dapps in Alice, as well as, build out their core SDK. 

Alice was able to secure the alice.eth ENS domain name before the OpenSea auction ended. Does this mean users will be able to register a subdomain like dis.alice.eth? 

MyCrypto | @MyCrypto

MyCrypto is a free, open source interface for interacting with the blockchain. 

Founder and CEO Taylor Monahan unveiled the new beta version of MyCrypto at DevConV. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the dashboard. Not only will you be able to access all of the features you’re already familiar with on MyCrypto, but also enjoy the multi-account management functionality. MyCrypto has introduced another new feature: the screen lock. This locks your account after a set amount of time to prevent unauthorized access when you are AFK.  

It’s available to test at beta.mycrypto.com, so try it out! 

Mosendo | @GetMosendo

Mosendo is a DeFi-powered wallet that lets users send money to anyone, anywhere, and with links! 

Tom Howard of Mosendo tweeted that they’ve decided to make the switch over to Pocket Network, a decentralized alternative to Infura. 

Mosendo is looking for people to test their Alpha product. If you retweet this tweet below, they’ll DM you a money link containing DAI in exchange for feedback.  

Multis | @multisHQ

Multis “the cryptobank for companies” is an interface for an organization’s crypto-assets. 

Multis is back at it again!

They have integrated tokensets into their multi-sig wallet for companies and organizations. This enables organizations to put their idle ETH to work, and accumulate more ETH by utilizing automated trading strategies.  

With lending rates low for ETH across many protocols, this serves as a great compliment to their Compound integration. 


Connext | @ConnextNetwork

Connext is a Layer 2 infrastructure solution to support the scaling efforts of the Ethereum blockchain by using Counterfactual state channels. The DAI card is a simple in-browser wallet that demonstrates the power of state channels. 

A few weeks ago, Connext launched v2.0 on mainnet. Last week, they pushed their DAI Card to use v2.0.

With v2.0 of the DAI Card, users will be able to deposit and withdraw DAI directly. They’ll also be able to send DAI to offline recipients. 

All transfers are now fully noncustodial, so users must be responsible for storing their own state. To mitigate this, Connext has added support for state backups and recovery. 

Betoken | @BetokenFund

Betoken is a crowd-powered asset management protocol. 

Last month, Betoken made the Betoken JS API available on their GitHub and on NPMjs. This enables developers to build automated trading bots and applications on top of Betoken.

Betoken recently gave an update regarding their development roadmap. They’ve decided to postpone the release of their governance and smart contract upgrades.

The DAO will be activated near the end of November, while the set of new smart contracts to power Betoken should be ready towards the end of December, if accepted by the “managers”. 

StablePay | @StablePay

StablePay is a decentralized donations and payments platform that enables recipients to receive DAI or cDAI regardless of the source token. 

Stable Pay launched its platform beta on the Ethereum mainnet. It’s currently capped with a maximum of 10 DAI in order to minimize risk during their public beta. Regardless, this is an exciting development and perfect for content creators looking to avoid volatility from non-stable tokens. 

ERC20 token donations are instantly converted to DAI or cDAI through liquidity protocols Kyber Network and UniSwap Exchange. 

Even in the beta, Stable Pay has support for “Smart URLs” and configured a widget to insert into your website in order to begin receiving DAI or cDAI, which immediately starts earning interest.  


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