DIS Weekly #21

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DAppNode | @DAppNode

DAppNode is a plug n’ play full-node solution focusing on increased privacy and user control. Currently supporting Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Monero.

DAppNode adds the Polkadot / Kusama networks to the DAppNode Store. It comes with self-hosted tools, too. Nodlers will be able to run a Kusama CC2 node in just 3 clicks. 

Project lead Eduardo Antuña published the beacon-chain and validator from Prysmatic Labs on DAppNode. This makes participating in the Prysmatic Labs ETH 2.0 testnet super simple

In case you missed it, their monthly newsletter DAppNodeNow #4 has been published. 

AVADO | @Avado_DServer

Avado is a pre-configured appliance that provides Web3 access and a personal home server that earns passive income through smart mining.

Avado owners are now able to run a Polkadot package

They can also create their own Polkadot Network blockchain using several Avados or joining the AVADOT Chain. Follow along this Twitter thread to learn how to run your own blockchain.  

Temporal | @TemporalCloud

Temporal offers scalable Web3 infrastructure to build production-ready applications on top of IPFS. 

Temporal announced the addition of Kubernetes, which is currently in development for Temporal. This will allow them to scale to interplanetary means by creating highly available IPFS clusters on command! They’ve outlined that the first iteration will focus on a single-node cluster, while the second iteration will be a full Kubernetes cluster capable of scaling across multiple geographic regions. 

Temporal has made it very easy to launch your own decentralized website. One can easily upload their website files to IPFS using Temporal, then add the IPFS hash in the content record of an ENS name using the Ethereum Name Service Manager. 

They’ve also integrated ENS for subdomain purchases through Temporal. 


Terminal | @terminaldotco

Terminal is a Web3 developer platform for building, testing, and monitoring decentralized applications. 

Terminal added full support for WalletConnect with the TerminalSDK. This gives developers the ability to surface every Web3 interaction, decoded and all in one place. Beforehand, DApp interactions provided through WalletConnect were difficult to get data and logs for, which made a data-driven approach to growth and analytics near-nill.

By replacing the WalletConnect instance with the Terminal version, developers will be able to surface data on which wallets their users are connecting with and other Web3 interactions.  

Linkdrop | @LinkdropHQ

Linkdrop enables Web3 marketing campaigns to onboard everyday users. 

Linkdrop collaborated with Gnosis to develop a module for Gnosis Safe, which allows users to easily share tokens via links. Due to security reasons, the Gnosis team informed them that they do not allow users to add modules. Instead, they decided to build a Wallet Widget based on Gnosis Safe

Check out the demo:

Fortmatic | @Fortmatic

Fortmatic is a simple authentication mechanism that lets users access Ethereum DApps from anywhere with just a phone number or email, no more browser extensions nor seed phrases. 

On November 25th, teased that a most anticipated feature is coming to all the DApps which have integrated Fortmatic. A few days later, they delivered a new fiat on-ramp feature with MoonPay. This allows users to purchase crypto, up to 150 EUR worth of ETH or ERC20 tokens, on all applications that have integrated Formatic. 


MyEtherWallet | @myetherwallet

MEW is a free, client-side interface for users to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. 

MyEtherWallet released version 5.2.5, which supports Multi-Collateral DAI. You’ll also notice when you navigate to MEW’s DApps page, you’ll see two MakerDAO DApps: MakerDAO and Single Collateral MakerDAO. 

MetaMask | @metamask_io

Metamask is a Web3 bridge that allows users to run Ethereum DApps in your browser without running a full ethereum node. Also, now available on mobile. 

Metamask published v0.2.12 of their mobile beta on November 26th. Users with Android phones get it automatically; however, iOS users will have to update it to get the latest version. 

Least Authority did a security audit for MetaMask’s mobile wallet. They did not identify any critical vulnerabilities, but they did find many areas of improvement, which the MetaMask team promptly incorporated. 

Gnosis Safe | @GnosisSafe

Gnosis Safe is an open-source, non-custodial smart contract wallet. 

Gnosis Safe for Teams integrated Portis to the safe. This provides easy access to Gnosis Safe from any device with Portis. 

Also, Gnosis Safe added compatibility with Torus. This gives users the ability to use their Google, Facebook, or Reddit accounts to set up a wallet


TokenSets | @SetProtocol

Set is a protocol that bundles crypto-assets into tokenized baskets that are programmed to automatically restructure based on trading logic. 

Set announced a new major product release expected to go live in early 2020 on TokenSets: Set Social Trading. This would allow anyone to create their own trading strategy Sets and pooled trading pools! Traders will be able to earn fees for managing sets or pools. Other users will be able to follow those traders’ strategies, as well as, dive into a host of information about each trader. This includes performance metrics, the fees they’ve earned, a social media feed, possibly a trollbox, and more. 

Most recently, Set has deployed a brand new Set Explorer page to Token Sets. It ranks Sets by market cap and shows the performance of each set across different time periods against ETH and USD. 


FUSE | @Fuse_Network

Fuse is a DPOS blockchain network and an interface for non-technical entrepreneurs to launch local services using Ethereum smart contracts. Turning communities into economies! 

Fuse introduced plug-ins for your communities. This gives community founders the ability to easily add business logic and other features to their community wallets. The first plug-ins include business lists, join bonuses, and fiat on-ramps. Fuse has integrated with Coindirect, Moonpay, Carbon, and Ramp Instant fiat gateways to provide your users with different options to top off their accounts. 

Stake Capital / DAO | @StakeCapital 

Stake Capital provides financial instruments and services on top of leading DeFi and staking networks. Stake DAO enables stakers to receive a portion of the fees collected by Stake Capital. 

Stake Capital has introduced Stake DAO, a revenue-sharing DAO for its DeFi services. It enables DAO token holders to continuously receive staking rewards on a regular basis. This lets Stake Capital users become DAO members while sharing profits and key decision making.

Stake Capital Tokens (SCT) generates after each yield cycle to all stakers. Because SCT tokens have a fixed supply, they’ll be distributed at a continually diminishing cycle rate, which in turn incentivizes early staking delegators.

Stake has also introduced LTokens, a new DeFi primitive unlocking collaterals. 


Skyweaver | @Skyweaver

SkyWeaver is a trading card game from another dimension.

On November 29th, SkyWeaver released a big update! In Patch #26, you’ll notice a new personalized menu system, XP for private matches up to level 20, updated graphics, and new cards. 

Decentraland | @decentraland

A virtual world owned by its users. 

Decentraland launched its creator contest with $50K USD in prizes! 

Decentraland has been working with Aragon One team on configuring a set of Aragon contracts to create a decentralized version of Agora and turning it into a full blockchain-based system to govern over its virtual commons through voting on the mechanics and policy of Decentraland.  


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