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DAppNode | @DAppNode

DAppNode is a plug n’ play full-node solution focusing on increased privacy and user control. Currently supporting Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, IPFS, and more.

DAppNode updated Prysmatic Labs’ ETH 2.0 testnet validator with a new functionality: Getting Started!

It simplifies the process of getting users to deploy nodes. 

The Truslines Validator update was released ahead of the hard fork. Validators using DAppNode had two choices:

  • If they activated auto-updates, then they automatically supported the hard fork. 

  • If they didn’t support the fork, they would have had to make sure to deactivate auto-updates. 

Infura | @Infura_io

Infura is an API suite that provides access over HTTPS and WebSockets to the Ethereum and IPFS networks.  

As part of Infura’s ongoing Open Architecture Initiative, Infura shares how it uses Vipnode to manage Ethereum nodes. Vipnode, an open-source project, matches Ethereum nodes with relevant peers

They’ve added three new features: 

  • vipnode agent --min-peers=3 

  • Vipnode agent -- strict peers

  • vipnode agent --enode.host=”” 

These features make it very useful for creating complex arrangements of peer networks and managing clusters of nodes while providing better security isolation, lower latency, and reduced bandwidth usage. 


Terminal | @terminaldotco

Terminal is a Web3 developer platform for building, testing, and monitoring decentralized applications. 

Terminal recently announced the release of their latest live feature, a detailed transaction analytics page. It helps visualize your DApp specific activity, which includes listings of recent and top failed calls, events and functions, as well as, regular transactions across contracts, wallet providers, and layer 2.  

Alvin Lubetkin built an example app using Web3-React and Terminal SDK to demonstrate how seamless it is to bootstrap a developer’s next DApp with logging support baked in from day one

If you need help with managing and monitoring your DApp, check out Terminal’s Getting Started Guide

Tornado Cash | @TornadoCash

A mixer for non-custodial anonymous transactions on Ethereum.

On Thanksgiving, Tornado Cash shared the progress they’ve made. This included new token deposits in USDT and DAI, as well as, a new withdrawal page and a decentralized relayer’s market that allows DAI to ETH conversion on withdrawal. 

Also, Tornado passed their security audit


Argent | @argentHQ

Argent is an easy-to-use, mobile, smart wallet for Ethereum apps and tokens. 

Last week, Argent integrated the WalletConnect!

WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that provides mobile wallets a secure way to connect to desktop DApps by scanning a QR code offered by the DApp. This integration gives Argent users a new way to safely access DApps, such as UniSwap and PoolTogether, especially combined with Argent’s unique approach to security and simplicity. 

Users can easily approve what they want to spend, set a daily transfer limit, revoke a DApp’s access to a token, as well as, take advantage of an implementation that lets a DApp trigger an ERC20 approve and a contract call within the same transaction.    

Experience the Ethereum Magic with this PoolTogether x Argent x WalletConnect demo:  

Status | @ethstatus

Status is an open-source, secure, private messenger, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser. 

Status showcased its new “Transaction in Chat” flow built by Andrey (@FlexSurfer). It gives users the ability to send and receive cryptocurrency directly within a private chat in Status. 

Check out this demo: 

Also, Status had its last Town Hall of 2019. Teams across the Status Network gave updates on their achievements in 2019, as well as, what to look forward to in 2020. 

Keycard | @Keycard_

Keycard is a new type of smartcard built with an open API for simple integration with crypto wallets and hardware. 

In case you missed Keycard’s workshop at DevCon V, the Ethereum Foundation recently published “Keycard: An Open Source Smartcard Hardware Wallet Framework” on its YouTube Channel. 

Ledger | @Ledger

Ledger develops hardware wallet technology that provides high-level security for digital assets. Not your keys, not your crypto. 

Ledger announced the latest version of Ledger Live supports Tezos! Alongside this addition, users can now securely manage and passively earn XTZ rewards through Ledger Live in just three simple steps. Also, Ledger offers its users more control over staking by letting them select from a wide list of validators. 

To celebrate this occasion, they have launched the #TezosOnLedgerLive contest. You have the chance to win up to 1000 XTZ and other prizes, like an engraved Ledger Nano X! 

The Ledger Nano S has integrated with ShapeShift. This means users can retain complete control of their private keys through the Ledger hardware, while seamlessly sending, receiving, trading, buying, and tracking crypto-assets on the ShapeShift platform. 


Sablier | @SablierHQ

Sablier, the protocol for real-time finance on Ethereum, provides a beautiful web interface for continuous, autonomous, and trustless payroll. 

On December 13th, the Sablier team unveiled Sablier v1

V1 has two new web interfaces with responsive design, so it works on both mobile and desktop. The web interface for streaming money is hosted at pay.sablier.finance, while the one receiving streamed money is available at app.sablier.finance. When combined, these two web interfaces form a revolutionary product for continuous, autonomous, and trustless payroll

Sablier v2 supports DAI, SAI, and USDC. It also supports Comound’s interest-earning tokens cDAI and cUSDC. Sablier is accessible via MetaMask, Coinbase, and any wallet integrated with the WalletConnect protocol, such as Argent or Trust Wallet. In the newest version of Sablier, all streams are computed as a payment rate per second.  

Predatory banks make billions in overdraft fees, and so do payday advance loan sharks through massive short-term interest rates and assortment of fees. If you are getting paid once or twice a month, you are essentially giving your boss an interest-free loan with your labor.

This is a different kind of payroll! 

Their smart contracts have been audited by Quantstamp and ConsenSys Diligence. You know it’s a great product when the team behind Sablier uses it to pay themselves. But, payroll is just one use-case out of many.

Check out their demo:

Try it out, our ENS name is disweekly.eth 🤑

TokenSets | @SetProtocol

Set is a protocol that bundles crypto-assets into tokenized baskets that are programmed to automatically restructure based on trading logic. 

Set has updated the Pay with DAI feature on TokenSets. It now gives users the choice to mint or sell Sets using both SAI and DAI. This is only temporary, since Maker will eventually shut down the SIngle-Collateral DAI (SAI) system

On December 12th, Set announced the integration of Compound Tokens (cTokens), starting with cUSDC, and the launch of the first cToken enabled Set - the ETH RSI 60/40 Yield Set

This means users can earn interest when the Set is positioned in cUSDC. The Set team chose an RSI Set as the first token set strategy for cTokens because it rebalances the least frequently, so it can take more advantage of the interest-bearing asset as it sits in cUSDC. 

Support for other cTokens is forecasted to go live in the near future. 



DAOhaus, with the mission of reducing coordination costs to zero, built an interface to provide the easiest way to find, join, and launch Moloch DAOs. 

Forking and launching a Moloch DAO may have seemed difficult, even a few weeks ago, but now it will only take you about 5 minutes with the DAOHAUS x POKÉMOL DAO Launcher

DAOhaus provides an easy-to-use interface for anyone to quickly launch a DAO smart contract either in Easy or Hard Mode. Once a DAO smart contract is deployed on DAOhaus, it will automatically be granted an intuitive, self-deployed frontend on PokéMol for a community to interact with. 

This makes the DAO launching experience accessible to just about anyone, which will make it easier for individuals to coordinate and fund around ideas they are passionate about. Whatever it is, it’s DAOable. 

MetaCartel Ventures | @VENTURE_DAO

MetaCartel Ventures (MCV) is a for-profit DAO created by the MetaCartel community for the purposes of making investments into early-stage DApps. 

Lead DAO Wizard Peter (@Pet3rpan_) introduced the whitepaper of MetaCartel Ventures, a for-profit investment DAO focused on DApps. MCV will be a Delaware LLC that consists of two key components of law, including the DAO’s Grimoire and Delaware Limited Liability Company Act. The DAO’s business entity is tightly coupled with an instance of the Moloch v2 smart contract standard. 

The three primary roles of MetaCartel Ventures DAO are Mages, Goblins, and Summoners. Which class will you belong to?  

The LAO worked with the Moloch DAO team and MetaCartel Ventures to introduce a range of extensions to the original Moloch v1 smart contract in order to support revenue-generating DAOS. These Moloch DAO v2 upgrades include multi-token support, token whitelisting, functions to address emergency exiting of members, sponsored proposals, guild-kick functionality, and loot tokens

Out of this collaboration, further additions for the LAO were built to provide additional security and compliance-related functionality through the use of member-managed administrative functions. 

A new standard for DAO-related smart contracts emerges to serve as a foundational building block for companies of the future. 

Saint Fame | @SAINTFAMEdao

The world’s first internet-owned fashion house.

Saint Fame, a sovereign Aragon DAO summoned by Matt Vernon (@dApp_boi), opened a pre-sale for its first product the “Saint Fame: Genesis Shirt”. So far, 73 shirts have been sold. This leaves only 27 left. These limited-run shirts are currently going for $146, and all before the design of the shirt has been completed! If you want one, you should get one ASAP because with every $FAME sold it increases the cost of the next

This is a radical experiment in “Speculative Fashion”.  

It’s also the first DAO to directly create an exchange on UniSwap and pool liquidity through a vote. 100 $FAME were minted by Saint Fame DAO, then deposited into UniSwap with 6 ETH. Each $FAME will be redeemable for 1 real t-shirt, and right now these tokens can be bought and sold through UniSwap. 


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