DIS Weekly #4

DIS Weekly covers developments in the decentralized infrastructure solutions space.

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DAppNode | @DAppNode

DAppNode is participating in the Giveth Social Coding Circle tomorrow at 1:00 PM EST. If you have anything you want to ask, here’s the link to participate.

QuikNode | @QuikNode

QuikNode has struck a partnership with the MetaCartel DAO. They’ve offered to support the next five funded projects with a sponsored, dedicated Ethereum node. 

They’ve also sponsored ETHIndia 2.0, one of the largest Ethereum-based hackathons, to power and support the DApps being built with Web3 infrastructure. 

Pocket Network | @POKTnetwork

Pocket joins FIO, a protocol aimed at establishing interoperability between blockchain wallets, as an affiliate member. This a perfect fit, since the Pocket Network already supports five major blockchains (Ethereum, AION, Tezos, POA, and Lightstreams) and can support any blockchain with an HTTP endpoint

Pocket is running as a P-Rep candidate, alongside Figment Networks, in the ICON Network, a Proof of Stake blockchain. Here’s the mic drop moment that clearly demonstrates how Pocket Network stands out from the rest of the P-Reps.  

Hack Crypto recently published an overview video of Pocket Network going over the many benefits Pocket has to offer for both developers and node operators.  


Decentralized Staking Defenders | @StakingDefense 

As Proof of Stake approaches critical mass, Decentralized Staking Defenders has made an astute observation. PoS is already at risk! Stake across these networks have been concentrating within a small group of large validators, squeezing out smaller independent operators. Chris Remus has seen this happen with Livepeer and Cosmos, plus other networks like Tezos. 

Launched in mid-to-late May, Decentralized Staking Defenders was created to counter staking’s trend towards centralization by creating a space to empower “Defenders” through engaging dialogue and meaningful action. The organization will be focused on these key areas: Education, Visibility, Partnerships, as well as, Resources and Tools. 

You can join the cause by visiting forum.stakingdefense.org!

Figment Networks | @FigmentNetworks

Compound has chosen Figment Networks as their staking and infrastructure partner on Proof of Stake networks. They are starting with Livepeer. Compound has already been holding their LPT tokens and participating in the Livepeer network, staking them through Figment’s staking service. This partnership allows Compound to earn staking rewards and increase their exposure to LPT, Livepeer’s underlying digital asset, while supporting and helping the network grow. 

Figment Networks also recently announced they are participating in another incentivized testnet. This time on Solana, during the Tour de SOL: an incentivized testnet event. 

Staked | @Staked_US

Staked expects to support over 20 crypto-networks by the end of 2019. You can get notified when your choice chain launches at staked.us/yields. They currently support twelve blockchains that includes Cosmos, Livepeer, Algorand, Tezos, Decred, Loom Network, Horizen, and Dash. 

//LAYER 2//

Raiden Network | @Raiden_Network

Raiden Network has announced the release of their new on-boarding tool, the Raiden Wizard. It’s currently an early stage implementation and meant to be used only on the Gorli testnet. 

The Raiden Wizard takes care of the raiden installation for you by creating a keystore file, funding your account with Gorli ETH and testnet tokens, downloading and installing Raiden, then launching the WebUI in your browser.

Raiden is also sponsoring another round of Raiden prizes, totaling $3k, for the ongoing Gitcoin virtual hackathon Grow Ethereum

Celer Network | @CelerNetwork

Since the Cygnus mainnet launch of the Celer Network, “5,127 players from 62 countries played 53,180 layer-2 enabled games and spent $38, 131 in celerx.app..”. Currently, six new games are being built with the Celer eSport Gaming SDK.

According to Celer Weekly Report, on the mobile front, they’ve added new options to let users to backup their wallet, changed the onboarding designed of the app, and designed new CelerX APIs. On the backend, Celer has continued development of the SGN infrastructure, completed new backend CelerX features, and started implementation of OSP multi-node routing. 


Portis | @Portis_io

Portis sponsors another Gitcoin virtual hackathon: Grow Ethereum. They have a bounty, worth 3 ETH, for developers to use the Gas Stations Network that challenges them to use their Gas Relay to redefine “blockchain” UX. By doing so, the DApp sponsors user gas frees in some capacity, reducing user experience friction. 

Local Ethereum added compatibility with two more wallets that don’t include any downloads or tedious setups, one of them being Portis.

Hello Dapper | @hellodapper 

On July 29th, Dapper announced they’re launching Dapper Drops. This provides users with exclusive free rewards and special offers from partnered dapps. For their first drop, Dapper Labs partnered with Decentraland. Dapper users can claim 100 MANA to try out Decentraland’s new avatar feature and claim a username.

ALICE | @HeyAliceApp

The WeChat of Crypto, super DApp Alice provides mini-DApps within an all inclusive Web3 wallet / browser. Imagine having all your favorite DApps readily available at your fingertips. Their proof of concept was built out of a fork of the Balance/Rainbow wallet. Now, they are building a native iOS and Android apps with the ability to build React Native mini DApps into

Alice announced that their first official mini dapp will be FOAM Maps

MetaMask | @metamask_io 

Within one week of launch, the MetaMask Mobile beta received just under 10,000 signups! 

In MetaMask v7.0, privacy mode will be enabled by default. They’ll also be rolling out a version of MetaMask that integrates with 3Box to preserve user preferences. This will enable wallet users to back up an encrypted copy of users’ preferred settings, saved contacts, account nicknames, and token preferences. 

Gnosis Safe | @gnosisSafe

Gnosis Safe has been integrated with WalletConnect. This allows for users to seamlessly connect to mobile dapps. All you’d have to do is simply scan a QR code in your browser, then you are connected to the DApp. A bug was found in the Android version of the wallet that rendered the WalletConnect integration unusable, but it has already been fixed. 

If you have any features you’d like to see, you can now propose and vote on features for the Gnosis Safe here


OpenLaw | @OpenLawOfficial 

Ross Campbell developed a simple and easy to use smart payment contract. This invoice template supports ETH and any ERC20 token, including DAI. It reduces invoicing and payments to a few clicks and a couple of minutes. By using Open Law contract templates and any Web3 Browser, you can “draft, send, record legalOps + get paid anywhere in the world in minutes” while on the go. 

Try building an open investment bank using OpenLaw

Multis | @multisHQ

Multis introduces “Direct Transfers”, which allows team members of an organization to make petty expenses without requiring confirmations. This provides a new way to streamline business spending from a multisignature wallet. 

They’ve also announced a partnership with POLYMATH to offer issuers and investors a business-friendly wallet to manage governance and security tokens. 

0x | @0xProject

0x is an open, decentralized exchange protocol. 0x enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Watch this explainer video “What is 0x” to learn more about 0x. 

Currently in Beta, 0x has also been developing the 0x Mesh, a new peer-to-peer network for sharing orders, even without a hosted third party, within the 0x ecosystem. This will enable a new use-case for relayers, the “serverless relayer” model. Because 0x Mesh doesn’t require a backend server and can run directly in the browser, all that’s needed is a front-end UI. So, it’s possible to host it on IPFS and access it through Web3 browsers.      

In the 0x v2.0 release, they’ve added the ability to not only support all tokenized assets but also new modes of exchange. Their Core Team has developed three extension contracts: Forwarder Contract, Dutch Auction Contract, and Whitelist Contract

However, you aren’t just limited to just these three extension contracts. Developers can create their own extensions on 0x to add new modes of exchange. For example, BlockBase launched bazaaar.io, an NFT relayer, and built a custom set of 0x extension contracts to enable new ways of trading NFTs

PoolTogether | @PoolTogether_

Over 45,000 DAI has been locked and earning interest in the PoolTogether smart contract. This pool will be the final one on their current infrastructure. These are the improvements coming to version two: Automatic Pool Reentry, Enter the Pool at Anytime, and Exit the Pool at Anytime


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