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DAppNode | @DAppNode

If you have a DAppNode, you can run a Lightning node and add to the decentralization of the Lightning Network. According to The Block Genesis, a big part of the network’s capacity is run by the same entity. DAppNode hopes that by “facilitating the creation of more nodes, the network will add capacity outside of these big players and will become more resilient and decentralized”. Just don’t forget to back up your private keys stored in the package! 

In their latest release, they’ve also included Keystore backups, a Cosmos node package, and a more user-friendly Admin UI. The TrueBlocks package is now available on DAppNode, too.

Casa Node | @CasaHODL

CASA Node released an update that includes a host of changes that address user requests and issues. To mitigate confusion on which codes to scan to connect your node to the Sats App, they’ve made the Sats connection codes more prominent. Other updates include: Docker improvements, fixes to small UI bugs, improvements to error messages, and much more

Pocket Network | @POKTnetwork

In their monthly newsletter, the Pocket Network team announced that the Pocket Blockchain Mainnet V.1 has been formally defined and they’re are preparing to release it around the beginning of 2020. This includes an economic layer for full node incentivization via the the POKT token. 

In an effort to decentralize your favorite wallets, the Pocket team submitted pull requests to Poketto, Nifty, and MyEtherWallet. Those PRs have been merged and are expected to be live very soon.

//LAYER 2//

Connext | @ConnextNetwork

Currently, Connext V2 is live on testnet and expects to go live on mainnet sometime around ETHBerlin. V2 of Connext newly offers multitoken support, conditional transfers, better client, and “built on the Conterfactual framework”. They’ve also prepackaged these “common” Counterfactual apps (Simple Transfers, Link Transfers, Swaps, Subscriptions, Event-driven Transfers, and more) in which wallets, DApps, and other projects can simply access via their API. 

InstaPay on Metamask Mobile utilizes Connext to make off-chain, near feeless transactions with DAI. Reported on July 24th, payment volume went up 148% day over day and the DAI locked up in Connext was up 10% since the launch of InstaPay on MetaMask Mobile.


Opera Touch | @opera

Opera Touch, a Web 3.0 browser, recently made an iOS version available for download. This completes their efforts to offer a Web3 ready browser with a built-in Ethereum wallet across all major platforms: Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS. Opera supports all ERC-20 tokens, stablecoins, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Now, Opera Touch let’s users disable ad blocking or cookie dialog blocking on any website, as well as, includes a new tab preview feature.

Opera is leading the pack in terms of modern browsers. They know that this will enable new business models to emerge, like the ones mentioned in Kevin Owocki’s twitter thread on Web3 Business Models.

3Box | @3boxdb

The 3Box team has recently announced, last week, that users can now log into 3Box Hub with the Ethereum wallet of their choice. Beforehand, they’d only be able to access 3Box Hub through their MetaMask browser extension or mobile DApp browser. Now that 3box has integrated with Web3Connect, those users can log in with new providers like Portis, Fortmatic, Dapper, and all mobile browsers. It’s a much better Web3 authentication User Experience.

3Box is also working on Identity Wallet, which is an identity SDK for crypto-wallets, with native support for distributed identity based data storage for ETH accounts (ie identity, profiles, storage, and messaging).

Rainbow Wallet | @rainbowdotme

The Rainbow Wallet team announced the Rainbow update v1.1.4, which fixes many bugs and adds plenty of new features. This includes: surface uniswap liquidity tokens, expandable collectible families, support for importing private keys, and real-time pricing data.

MEW | @myetherwallet

Last week, MyEtherWallet announced MEW5.1. It delivers a new wallet dashboard and NFT manager. In MEW v5.1, the dashboard gives users quick-access to their most frequently used features and integrations. The new NFT manager features a way to interact with your unique non-fungible tokens from CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained, Etheremon, and more.

The “hardware wallet without all the hardware”, MEWconnect provides a hardware-like functionality right on a users’ smartphone. This helps protect users from phishing attempts through a much more secure way of interacting with their MEW client-side browser wallet. In MEW5.1, a user can make ETH purchases with a credit card via Simplex, and the MEWconnect smartphone app.

MEW users can also ensure that their MyEtherWallet will always be online, free from centralized risks, by choosing pokt.network as their Ethereum Network or POA Network provider. This is accomplished through the Pocket Network Protocol, which provides reliable access to decentralized node infrastructure.

Here’s how to do it at login and from the dashboard.

Multis | @multisHQ

With Multis’ recent update, they’ve enabled support for ENS domains and sub-domains. Now, organizations and companies using the Multis Wallet can add counterparties using a name instead of an Ethereum address. Multis makes sure to resolve the address before any transactions and will warn the user if it has changed since it was added or edited.


Sablier | @SablierHQ

Sablier has raised a grant from MakerDAO! They’ll be using these funds to expand their team and ship a native-mobile DApp for continuous salaries, as well as cover several audits before publication. 

The Sablier app had to be downgraded to Rinkeby due to a vulnerability found in it’s smart contract underpinning the DApp user interface hosted at beta.sablier.app. The vulnerability would allow an attacker to pay themselves using tokens belonging to a user that had previously approved Sablier to spend from the DAI contract. Don’t worry, all funds are safe!

MetaMoneyMarket | @MetaMoneyMarket

Jacob Shiach released MetaMoneyMarket v0.1. in the beginning of August. It’s a smart contract, live on mainnet, that seeks to maximize yield by connecting to multiple money markets. When rates change, it auto-rebalances your deposit to the market with best rate them to help you earn the max amount of interest. At the moment, MetaMoneyMarket supports DAI, USDC, and ZRX. At launch, it also included adapters for both Compound and dYdX.

You can join the MetaMoneyMarket managed pool at https://metamoneymarket.com/ or build your own Meta Money Market with the source code available on Github.  

Betoken | @BetokenFund

The crowd-powered asset management protocol, Betoken launched on mainnet in the beginning of July. Betoken fund managers collectively manage and maintain a single portfolio by staking Kairo tokens, Betoken’s non-transferable reputation tokens. They use a meritocratic system, which automatically allocates the most funds to the managers with the best track record, as well as, pays them the most commissions.

Last week, the Betoken team delivered new features and repaired defects in the previous version. This includes a subgraph they created with The Graph Protocol, which reduced the frontend load time by about 91%. Each month, Betoken sends out a fund report to those who’ve connected their capital to update users on important fund metrics.

TokenSets | @SetProtocol

TokenSets, powered by Set Protocol, helps people easily manage their crypto with automated asset management strategies. It bundles crypto-assets into tokenized baskets that are programmed to auto-rebalance based on trading logic. Each set is a smart basket ERC20 token of crypto-assets that automatically rebalances based on the strategy a user chooses. Follow along with this twitter thread to find out how rebalancing a set works.

Last month, Set launched a new category of automated portfolio management strategies “Trend Trading”. The first new set is called ETH20SMACO, which stands for ETH 20 Day Simple Moving Average Crossover Set. This set rebalances based on crossovers between the current price and the 20 Day Simple Moving Average. The first rebalance performed really well! Since its launch, it has settled with $315k USDC being auctioned for ETH with only a ~0.8% slippage, and resulted in an additional 23% ETH accumulated in the Set.


Althea | @AltheaNetwork

Althea provides a faster, and cheaper decentralized internet option to your community. Althea is giving away 1M of its tokens in the first-ever compliant security airdrop campaign with Republic. With the Althea Grants program, participants can earn tokens by learning about Althea and submitting a proposal to start their own local Althea network! While this is happening, they’ve been simultaneously testing with 16 validators in their Althea Zone Cosmos testchain. Once testing is complete and integrated into their routers, Cosmos’ high speed transactions will enable Althea dISP to be even faster and cheaper.


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