Pocket Network News - August 2019

Updates, News and Sneak Peeks

Developer Update

1. The Pocket Mainnet Specs V.1 has been formally defined and the team is preparing to release in the beginning of 2020! This is a huge milestone for the project and will include the economic layer for full node incentivization via the POKT token.

2. The Tezos SDK integrations are underway. If you haven’t read the latest update, please see this post regarding the re-scoping of our grant from the Tezos Foundation, where we decided to integrate with promising SDKs as oppose to building them out for our own.

Here is the post describing the update to our Tezos grant.

Economics & Governance Updates

1. Dr. Shivendu Shivendu is now leading the economic development of Pocket Network! He is currently working with CORE Engineering team to finalize the POKT algorithms.

2. The latest DAO charter for Pocket will be published along side the official release of Aragon apps “Tollgate” and “Approval.” This will began the phase where we run UAT with our existing network and interested prospects.

Contact us at hola@pokt.network if you are interested in running some governance experiments. We have decided to postpone the public launch of the DAO until after the Mainnet release for various different reasons, one being the launch of the POKT token which will provide the DAO itself with more utility.


1. The Pocket & Figment joint proposal to become a P-Rep for the ICON network is evolving quite nicely. Recent, Shane Burgett from Pocket did a panel discussion with other candidates for the Iconist channel.

Watch the Panel Discussion here.

2. The pull request for the integration for the Poketto Cash xDAI wallet has been merged and is currently testing on testflight! Everything works nicely and we expect to go live by the end of this month.

3. The pull request for the integration with Nifty Wallet has been merged and is expected to be included in the next few releases.

4. The pull request for the integration with MyEtherWallet has also been merged and is expected to be included in the next release as well.

5. Pocket Network joins FIO(Foundation for Interwallet Operability) as an affiliate member to support interoperability on the infrastructure side.

Here is the post announcing Pocket’s membership to FIO.

6. Portis has now fully integrated Pockets Web3 provider.

Here is the post describing the news.

Portis powered app https://multis.co/ is set to start using Pocket in the coming months.

7. Pocket Network has officially partnered with Lighstreams Network, another high performing smart contract platform in the space. We’re very excited to work closely with them as they launch their flagship app, Fanbase, as well as roll out their validator program and governance system.

Learn More about the partnership here.

8. Pocket CEO, Michael O’Rourke was on the inaugural episode of “The Blockchain VC Podcast” run by Tomer Federman.

9. Hack Crypto featured Pocket Network!

Behind the Scenes

1. Blockwall Ventures and Monday Capital have joined Pocket’s fundraising round! We are very excited to work closely with the teams on our go-to-market plan.