Pocket Network News - FEB 2020

Updates, News and Sneak Peeks

Developer Updates:

  1. Pocket Core Testnet Phase One is launching on Tuesday, February 11th 🚀  

  2. In the meantime, you can read this post to check out what will be included in phase one of testnet.  

  3. Pocket Network will be launching an incentivized testnet in mid-March. If you are a developer or a node operator interested in participating, join us in the Pocket Discord community.  

  4. Andrew Nguyen, the Lead Blockchain Developer of Pocket Network, implemented a Merkle Sum Index Tree to prevent replay relay attacks on the protocol. 

  5. In the ICON P-Rep Update #3, the Pocket team shared its first integration with the ICON network is for the official community ICON-JS SDK. 

Economics and Governance Updates:

  1. The Pocket Economic Paper will be ready for public consumption on Monday, February 10th. 

  2. Jeremy Beal, the Developer Evangelist of Pocket, published Pricing Throughput for Applications to demonstrate how staking will look like to developers interested in accessing a decentralized blockchain relay network. 

  3. Alberto Jauregui, the Growth Director of Pocket, published Monetizing Full Nodes with POKT Rewards to show how the staking process works for node operators that want to relay API requests to applications and secure the protocol.   

  4. Governance research is ongoing! Pocket is working on setting up a foundation that will be paired together with the Pocket DAO. 


  1. Pocket Network was featured in the collaborative State Of Adoption crypto report. This slide shows the parabolic growth in API calls since the Pocket Core MVP launch.

  1. The Arcadia Group, a blockchain software development company, demonstrated how they’re leveraging the Pocket SDK to build lightweight, dynamic block explorers. By being able to query multiple Pocket Nodes running full-nodes, it can get many perspectives on the best chain tip. This removes the issue of having a single point of view, which could lead to incorrect display of forks and reorganizations and other data. 

Behind The Scenes:

  1. A new website designed by Valeria Benitez Florez, our Brand Director, was launched last week on Monday, January 27th.  She also made this killer Pocket Overview video 📹

  1. On February 1st, Michael O’Rourke participated in the Trust-Less 2020 panel Doubling Down: Offering Additional Services with Validation alongside Dan Elitzer of IDEO CoLab and Yaniv Tal of The Graph. To watch this Proof-Of-Stake conference session, click the hyperlink above.

  2. Pocket Network will be holding it down in the blockchain section of the Synapse Summit next week. Catch us there from February 11th to the 12th. 

  3. The Pocket team has expanded a bit more! Please, welcome our new DevOps Engineer Julio Jimenez. 

  4. If you were subscribed to DIS Weekly, it has been spun off into its own dedicated newsletter on Ghost. To continue getting infrastructure and application updates from projects within the blockchain industry, read and resubscribe here!

Support Pocket, Pocket Partners, and Decentralization: 

One of the easiest ways to support us is to use a wallet integrated with Pocket Network! 

Download MyEtherWallet and/or Nifty browser extensions, then choose Pocket Network as the default decentralized infrastructure provider. Pocket supports Ethereum and POA Networks in both wallets, as well as, xDAI in NIFTY. Here are the guides on how to flip the Pocket switch for each platform: MEW and NIFTY.

We also recommend downloading and using Portis to interface with your dapps, especially if you’d like to enjoy a seamless user experience with a familiar email/password login.

Need to trade or exchange tokens? Try out Saturn Network, the only decentralized exchange run completely off of a network of decentralized full-nodes (via Pocket).

Are you a developer? Build with us and our partners! 

If you are using Portis as a Web3 Provider, configure Portis to use Pocket in order to leverage the power and resiliency of decentralized infrastructure for your DApp.

Want crisp logs and analytics? Choose Pocket Network as the decentralized infrastructure provider on Terminal for your DApp. Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to integrate Pocket Provider with Terminal to surface logs and analytics.

Rather run a node? Our partner DAppNode provides the easiest way to run your own node! 

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🦜 Follow Pocket on Twitter at @POKTnetwork

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