Pocket Network News - January 2020

Updates, News and Sneak Peeks

Developer Updates:

1. The Pocket Core Testnet architecture is “Code Complete.” The team is running internal tests right now in preparation for a public release on February 11th.

2. Pocket’s newest solutions architect, Alex will be focusing on migrating all the current integrations over to the Testnet architecture, starting next sprint. From there we will open up resources to onboarding new application partners in preparation for the Mainnet release.

Economics and Governance Updates:

1. The first draft of the Pocket Economic Paper is done and in circulation internally and with key advisors. It is on track for public circulation by the start of February.

2. Pocket governance and the Pocket DAO work is well underway, specifications for the Pocket Governance mechanisms and Pocket DAO are in place and will describe how we will progressively decentralize the protocol overtime after the Mainnet release. More information on this will be released in the coming months.


1. Michael O’Rouke published “2019 Year in Review” post to the Pocket Medium account, which reflects on this past year and what to expect from the Pocket team in 2020.

2. Decentralized Infrastructure Solutions (DIS), a weekly newsletter curating major updates across the industry, is in the process of spreading its wings to become an independent brand. Follow the movement at @DISWeekly.

Behind the Scenes:

  1. Pocket’s Tampa Bay offices have moved to the Embarc Collective! This past Monday was the first day on site. If you are visiting the area, don’t hesitate to reach out and meet up at the location.

  2. The Pocket company retreat will take place late February after the release of Testnet, the team is excited to get together for a week of IRL work and some fun in the sun.

  3. The team is working diligently to prepare for the 2020 release year, including Testnet, Mainnet, Token Distribution, Onboarding, and Community Development initiatives. If you would like to learn more or get involved, please contact us at hola@pokt.network.