Pocket Network News - MAR 2020

Updates, News, and Behind the Scenes

Developer Updates:

  1. Pocket Core Tesnet P1 launched on Tuesday, February 11th! 

  2. Pocket Network is launching an incentivized testnet for both applications and nodes very soon. Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, join us in the Pocket Discord community to share your interest. 

  3. The Pocket engineering team deployed a new release candidate v0.1.0 of the testnet, as well as, updated both the Pocket JS library and Homebrew deployment

  4. Pocket Developer Portal version 2.1 has been made available. 

Economics and Governance Updates:

  1. The Pocket Economic Paper was published and shared shortly after the release of the testnet. The document covers the rationale behind the economics and monetary policy of Pocket Network and it’s two-sided marketplace.   


  1. Pocket co-founder Michael O’Rourke spoke on the “Future of Programmable Money and Payments” panel at the Synapse Summit alongside colleague and visionary Chris Williams about the direction cryptocurrency is heading.

  2. We also had the opportunity to share news of the Pocket Testnet launch and Pocket Economics Paper release, finetune our pitch, catch up with some of our investors Brent Fisher and John Rasmussen, introduce people to blockchain, and connect with a handful of potential leads.

  3. The day after testnet launch, Pocket CTO spoke at “¿Qué es Blockchain y cómo usarlo en tu proyecto?”, a Decentralized Santo Domingo (DSD) event. He breaks down what blockchain is and how to use it in your project. You can watch a recording of the livestream, below.

  4. Earlier this week, we participated in the adjacent EthCC meetup Demystifying Node Deployment alongside SkillZ, Tezos, and Nomadic Labs. 

Behind the Scenes:

  1. The Pocket team met, worked, and relaxed in the Dominican Republic for our 2nd Pocket Summit. 

  2. At the summit, we recorded the Pocket Summit Sessions, which were deep dives into the protocol, economics, and governance layers of Pocket. The marketing department will publish them on our YouTube channel after making the appropriate edits. 

  3. DIS has transitioned its brand to DIS & DAT, now covering both infrastructure and application related blockchain projects in alternating newsletters every other week. You can subscribe to and read the first edition of ALL DAT here

Connect with Pocket: 

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