Pocket Network News - MAY 2020

Updates, News, and Behind the Scenes

Developer Updates:

Tomorrow, the Pocket Core protocol will be upgraded to the newest version RC-0.3.0. It’s the most stable and reliable release as of yet. Pocket Core RC-0.4.0 will be delivered in early June, our last major protocol update before mainnet launches at the end of Q2 / beginning of Q3.

The protocol update delivers improvements to our Pocket-JS library, Web3 Provider, and Node Deployment artifacts (Docker and Homebrew). It also hard codes support at the protocol layer for most of the existing blockchain networks. As long as someone runs a node for one of them, like Bitcoin, it can begin servicing relays from DApps of that specific blockchain and start earning POKT come mainnet launch.  

Our Infra Engineering team has built and deployed the Pocket DappNode Package (DNP), which makes it super simple for anyone with a DAppNode to simultaneously run an Ethereum node and become a validator in the Pocket Network. This means Nodlers can easily participate in our incentivized testnet by installing the Pocket DNP!

As part of the Pocket Incentivized Testnet, we announced our first bug bounty program. This gives developers the opportunity to earn more POKT for identifying bugs in the network to help ensure the security of the test network. 

Our App Solutions team developed the ICON Pocket Provider, which is similar to our Web3 Provider, as an independent package that developers can use inside their existing ICON applications to access reliable, decentralized node infrastructure. The ICON Pocket Provider abstracts away PocketJS for ICON. 

Economics and Governance Updates:

The Pocket DAO constitution is ~99% complete. It’s going through an internal review, then will be shared with key leaders in the governance space for an external review. 


Alongside the release of the Pocket DNP, DAppNode and Pocket have joined forces to run a DAppNode Advanced Model giveaway. You and either one of your friends, colleagues, or favorite Web3 project could win a DAppNode Advanced. For details on how to participate, follow the directions in this Twitter thread

Incentivized testnet has been progressing well. So far, the Pocket Network has over 50 nodes running Pocket Core and an assortment base blockchain nodes, like Ethereum. This includes pioneers such as Figment Networks, Everstake, and Simply VC to name a few.    

Pabel Nunez Landestoy, Pocket App Solutions Engineer, shared what a DApp is and how they are structured, as well as, an example of a DApp using Pocket and Ethereum in the Decentralize Santo Domingo event “¿Que Es Una DApp? y ¿Como Crear Una?”. 

Our CTO Luis C. de Leon was featured in the Powered by Aragon video!

Behind the Scenes:

Pocket’s App Solution team is building integrations with Algorand, Solana, Matic, and Portis.

Once those integrations are done, the AS team will be focused on developing a new product codenamed Pocket Gateway. It will have the convenience of centralized NaaS providers, but under the hood, Pocket’s redundant-by-design and decentralized architecture. 

We are also working on other applications integral to our mainnet launch. This includes the Pocket Dashboard, as well as, both a native block explorer and wallet.

Here is a sneak peak of the Block Explorer:

Pocket Block Explorer

There has also been continued work on adding a gamification and reputation layer to our community channels. 

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