Pocket Testnet & Economic Paper Released

Pocket launches testnet phase one and shares its monetary policy

On Tuesday, Pocket launched phase one of the Pocket Core Testnet!

Testnet launched with support for Ethereum, Tezos, Open Application Network, POA, xDAI, and many more blockchains.

Pocket Core Testnet P1 features include:

  1. Pocket Core Daemon

  2. Pocket Command Line Interface (CLI)

  3. Pocket-JS

  4. Pocket-web3-provider

  5. Pocket Node Deployments

  6. Pocket Faucet for POKT Test Tokens

This also marks the transition from our previous MVP architecture to an architecture of a truly permissionless, resilient, and redundant design.

If you are a developer interested in building an unstoppable application or a node operator interested in supporting decentralized infrastructure, get started by checking out Pocket’s newly designed developer portal.

The launch of Pocket Core Testnet was shortly followed by the official release of our Pocket Economic Paper, which describes the economics and monetary policy behind Pocket Network for both sides of the marketplace: application developers and node operators.

Connect with Pocket: 

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